Monday, August 14, 2017

Super Fast Weekly Email

Okay, it was transfers here in Mozambique. Elder Sharpe's parents came to pick him up on Saturday morning.... That was interesting. Its strange to see an Elder with his parents. Kinda hard to see for everyone who has to wait a year to see theirs. With the pick up,  now my comp is Elder Skraba (19 from Curitiba Brazil) who was in a tripla with Elder Sharpe and I last transfer... We didn't get anyone else in the office so now we are just trying to run the show here.... It will be interesting. He is from my group so we go home at the same time. He speaks pretty much perfect English thanks to watching movies before his mission. Hopefully a native speaking companion helps with my accent and vocabulary in Portuguese. I will pretty much just stay doing finances and he will do the other side of things.

With the insane preparations for transfers and moving everyone around we didn't get much teaching done during the week. We did however have lots of people at church thanks to us inheriting the Sisters old area (they were transferred to Beira). We have a few people who are progressing and hopefully keep doing so. We have plans to get lots done this transfer in our area and in the office.

I have lots of places to visit to inspect houses in the next few weeks so things will be pretty hectic, but it should be exciting!

Love all of you!

Elder Howell

Monday, August 7, 2017

Well......................... This week was kinda a giant blur just like the last few weeks. The days really blur together and its hard to remember what stuff happened which week. But being busy is a good thing really.

Highlights from this week:

1. We had a really awesome member direct us through and into his neighborhood to his cute little house. He and his wife have 2 little kids that are SO cute. Honestly just an awesome new little family. Anyway, they had two of their nephews (or something like that, the family situation was crazy) there for us to teach. We got to know them and taught them the first lesson. The younger one did really well and understood things that we taught surprisingly well for a 14 year old. Hopefully we will be able to go back and teach them again this week.

2. We did a Brazilian style BBQ this week with the Elders out in T-3 (my first area). They have a patio like thingy on the top of their garage with a super pretty view of the area. The food was pretty dang good given it was a bunch of us messing around trying to cook like 5kg of beef on sticks over coals. It was a blast.

3. We had 3 sacrament meets on Sunday which was interesting. Normally we go to the Sommerschield Ward (the area we work/live in). This week there was a new white family in the ward though! The father is working on the new US Embassy getting built here so the family will be here for like 2 years. They have 5 kids from 5-16. Then we helped with the Polana Wards sacrament meeting. Lastly we had our awesome little English Group meeting but another new white person showed up. He too just got here a few weeks back. He does security and such. He is super cool. He invited us over for a random lunch the same day and it was super fun to hear all of his crazy adventures.

Well, theres the highlights from the week. I hope everyone is healthy and happy back at home!

---Elder Howell