Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This week we had quite a bit of fun because of some cool activities and such. Sadly this is my last week with Elder Francis (on the mission, we have already planned a ´Murica bro-cation´ filled with guns and food and motorcycles for when we are both back). Thankfully this will be an awesome last week with him.

Anyway, yesterday was not a holiday but Sunday was Mozambique Independence Day.  That means everything, but the bars, shuts off Sunday and then Monday EVERYONE was hung over and the shops and such didn't open again so we had to move our P-Day to today.

This week we threw something kinda like a Stake dance. It was super funny. We played musical chairs... I lost, 3rd place, still upset (though I lost to 2 other Elders) but didn't rip a pocket off again. We also did the Limbo, well, I held the stick. It was super fun. Elder Francis made his beloved cake (simple, american recipe with a third or half the required sugar) and everyone had a blast.

Elder Francis and I didn't have any interviews but our District did. I had to do interviews which is always fun. While waiting for the second interview however we (Elders Lima, Wattyne, Bakker and I ) tried explaining Hangman to the people waiting. They were horrified that we do something as inhumane as hanging someone by their neck... So Elder Bakker erased the hanger set up and drew tires and gasoline... We played ´Pneus´ (tires).... Where we drew the person above tires then lit them on fire.... They loved it. I think we started a new trend here.

Well... That's it that I can tell you guys about. Oh, I was sick for half of yesterday, but I am alive still. I am making things short, again I know, because I am getting transferred in 4 days (bit early) and I have to present a training at the next zone conference....with the mission president. I have a lot of prep to do.

Até a proxima!

Elder Howell

 Conference with my new mission president, President Senna. 

 Beer tower... They like that 2M (the governments beer company beer)

 Kids with awesome bottle cap shooters

Pneus game

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