Monday, July 3, 2017

New Transfer, Area and Companion

Today was the official day for transfers but I have been in my new area for the last several days. I will be serving in Maputo, the main city of Mozambique. Technically my area is ´Sommerschield´ area, but most of my work will be done in the finances of the mission office. This is going to be fun. I get to help with transfers, housing and moving stuff around which is always fun. Lots of dealing with missionaries leaving which is a bit tricky and kinda sad but its overall totally good. We do all the money stuff for the mission from monthly allotments to missionaries to dealing with house owners, cars, repairs and just anything with money.

Today is transfers so my new companion Elder Sharpe (From Mesa, Arizona, 20) and I spent the day working on moving people all around to get ready for transfers. We spent lots of time getting everyone to the airport (18 missionaries going home) and then we were off again. This will be a strange transfer. It will also be a very very fast transfer given that we are always running/driving around like maniacs.... WE GET TO DRIVE....Well I haven't started yet because they drive like blind crazy people who lost their brakes but I will get used to it.

On the topic of driving we were driving a chapa (we also have a chapa) full of people from Mahotas to the beach on Costa de Sol to do a beach baptism. It was super beautiful and awesome looking! After dropping everyone off we headed home and got stuck in some deep sand.... After 5 minutes we fought our way out of it with some solid planks and pushing.... But 100 seconds later we were trying to get onto the main road but got run off said road.... Right into a massive rock... Pretty much we high centered the chapa on a massive rock... We were totally fine. 2 hours, 6 guys, 2 4-wheel drive vehicles, 6 broken cables later we got it unstuck! Yay!

Now we are just panicking to get lots of stuff ready for the upcoming flights of missionaries switching around and for the new guys who are coming here. Hopefully all goes well this transfer and it goes by super fast like the last. I am working on a training to give to at least 3 zones of missionaries (Maputo, Matola zones in Mozambique and I will help with the mission transition in Swaziland--yesssssss). 

Thanks for all the love!

Elder Howell

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