Monday, July 17, 2017

The Office Season 1 Part 2

Well, this week we kinda just did a ton of shopping and paper work... Its like I was a secretary or something-weird. We had lots of things to purchase for other missionaries houses, repairs and moving people around. I also got to see Elder Sharpe go full appraiser mode as we inspected then rented a house... Its kinda terrifying to think in a just a few weeks I will have to act all 'Adult like' and 'professional' to line up contracts and stuff..... Well, we all have to pretend to grow up at some point right??

On the more missionary sounding side of things we had the chance to visit a sick woman this week to give her a blessing. It is super interesting to see how open and accepting/wanting the people here are for anything religious. It is awesome to see people being willing to ask God for help when they are struggling.
On that same kinda of note we had "English Group" this week again. Its pretty much a group of 12 or so Asians who all do sacrament meeting in English because its the only common language they speak and Portuguese is harder for them. Its super cool to see them all show up early every week and set things up. It really shows how much it means to each and every one of them as their small group does everything like a full ward would from sacrament to talks. It also gives us chances to help with those things (though I hope I can slip by without having to give a talk for as long as possible).

On another fun note we drove to South Africa this week....... 'Why?' you might wonder. Answer: McDonalds.... I mean smoke detectors.... Mozambique doesn't sell them, we need them... So I talked our way into being the ones to go there. Best afternoon ever. It was crazy to see South Africa which felt strangely like Logan or Provo... Once we bought a massive amount of smoke detectors we got lunch. We were lovin' it....

Well, until next week!

Elder Howell

Driving to South Africa with Bishop Tualufo, Elder Sharpe, Elder Skraba and myself.

Elder Skraba and Elder Howell

Driving to South Africa, about 5 hours each way.

We were lovin' it.... 

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