Monday, July 24, 2017

This week was pretty boring..... Nothing really exciting happened this week... but we got lots of stuff done at the office. The new mission president---President Senna--- and the AP's have been traveling a ton these last few weeks to lots of different provinces to visit Independent Branches out there. That leaves us with lots of time to just do our jobs here without lots of phone calls asking for us to run around and do stuff. Right now I am just working on figuring out how to do all of this financial stuff so that here in 3 weeks when Elder Sharpe goes home I don't lose a ton of money and get excommunicated *nervous laughter*

Aside from all the boring spreadsheets, stacks of cash, number crunching and email sifting we got into our area this week. It was super nice to get out and try finding/teaching new people. President Senna is.... well..... very 'focused' on baptisms, so to make sure things stay nice and smoothly going here we are really trying to find people to teach. We found two cool little families in one night and will hopefully get back to them again this coming week to teach them a little more.

I think a week or two ago I mentioned that we went to the hospital to give a blessing. That same woman brought her son and two friends to church this week! That was cool to see, I think they had a good time, we will just wait and see what comes of it now.

That's pretty much it for the week.

Elder Howell

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