Monday, July 31, 2017

Well, this week was pretty average...... Most of the days we kinda just did our normal work trying to keep the hundred or so people with money, houses and phones.... When those hundred or so people are 19-25 year olds it tends to kinda be hectic. I can't even imagine parenting---

Some interesting things from the week:

We had a kinda surprise audit from the South Africa Area.... Suffice it to say everything they wanted from the time since Elder Sharpe has been here was organized neatly and we got it to them fast... 'Pre-Elder Sharpe' (almost a year ago) stuff doesn't exist apparently so that was SUPER awkward. Thankfully we weren't excommunicated for the lack of stuff and after a little while it all worked out just fine... Thankfully it was a pretty quick audit and it was over with only a few things for us to really need to change (pretty much nothing on our side of things).

Other than that we had a leadership meeting this week which was interesting, but nothing super exciting worth explaining. Mainly work hard, baptize people and please dont break mission houses or rules! We did have Taka Famba for lunch.... mmmmm its the closest thing to an American burger I have had in like a year (well.... besides McDonalds..... anyway!)

We also helped set up for the temple caravan this week. By that I mean we stacked like 25 mattresses in, on and around the truck and drove them back and forth between a chapel and an apartment for the people going to South Africa to use on the way to the temple. We got.... creative.... moving all those mattresses between floors and buildings.

Sadly lessons didnt workout this week but we have some cool stuff marked with members this week to meet with some awesome people. Hopefully some of them really get progressing along so that we have some fun teaching stories to share. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Howell

PS: I loved getting all the fun photos and emails this week! Love you all

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